Cancer incidence and the subsequent mortality rate is rising rapidly in Bangladesh. However, effective health education and carefully coordinated Cancer Awareness Campaigns can significantly cut down the Cancer burden.

Awareness programs include:

Spreading the knowledge of how to prevent cancer.
– Certain cancers can be cut down by avoiding particular risk factors. For example avoiding smoking can significantly reduce the chance of developing Lung Cancer.
– Some cancers can be prevented by adopting some lifestyle changes. For example regular consumption of high fiber diet can reduce the chance of developing colon cancer.
– Interventions like vaccination can prevent cervix cancer.

Spreading the knowledge regarding early signs & symptoms of cancer.
– There are 7 general danger signs that can act as a warning that a person might be suffering from cancer. Adequate knowledge regarding these danger signs will prompt early diagnosis of cancer.
– Training women on Breast Self Examination can help early diagnosis of breast cancers.

Busting Cancer Myths.
– By providing correct information, we cut down the spread the misinformation’s and rumors surrounding cancer

Training and education:

– We mass people on how to adopt a healthy life style and prevent cancer. We conduct special workshops to train women on Breast Self Examination. We also conduct seminars to educate men & women on cancer screening programs and strategies so that they can take part in the screening programs and safeguard themselves against cancer.
– We conduct seminars and workshops for physicians, nurses and health workers to train them on preventive oncology, cancer diagnosis, cancer referral and cancer screening techniques.

In addition to these, we have two separate Cancer Awareness and Education Programs for mass people titles Cancer Awareness Project for Students (CAPS) and Voice Of Cancer Awareness (VOCA).

Cancer Awareness Project for Students (CAPS):

It is an awareness project dedicated for students of school, college and universities. This project aims at sowing the seed of awareness at an early stage so that these students can adopt a healthy life style from an early age. In addition, Cancer Awareness Foundation of Bangladesh strongly believes that, students are the future of the country, thus sustainable development is only possible through their intervention. As of 2019, CAPS has conducted events in over 20 educational institutes throughout Bangladesh. These includes Medical Colleges, Universities and schools.

Voice Of Cancer Awareness (VOCA):

It is an awareness project dedicated for mass people. Through this program we spread cancer awareness to different socioeconomic groups throughout the country. This program mainly organizes awareness campaigns in corporate houses, clubs and in other organizations. In addition, this program collaborates with other voluntary clubs and NGOs to spread cancer awareness to rural, remote and hard to reach areas of Bangladesh.

Awareness and education regarding cancer is invaluable in bringing down the cancer burden as effective education and awareness leads to early diagnosis of cancers which in turns leads to a good prognosis of this otherwise fatal disease.