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Cancer Awareness and Education
November 17, 2022
Cancer Awareness and Education

From the beginning of the journey cancer awareness and education is our prime focus. We work to create nationwide awareness regarding cancer, its risk factors, danger signs, preventive measures and stigmas through workshop, seminar, rally etc.  Till now nationwide, we conducted more than 70 awareness sessions with different group of people with different designs.



  • “CAPS” (cancer awareness project for students)

Aiming to build a better future, we focused on our future generation through this project. This project is especially designed for students of ninth grade to graduate level for their better understanding of different aspect of cancer prevention. Since 2017 we have conducted 33 sessions in different schools and colleges all over the country to reach almost 5000 students.


  • “kNOw Cancer” (day long cancer prevention workshop);

This is a daylong workshop and hands on training session, designed for more intense understanding on cancer prevention and practice on healthy lifestyle.


  • “ক্যান্সার ও আপনার জিজ্ঞাসা”.

From the beginning of covid 19 pandemic, we started our online live education program named “ক্যান্সার ও আপনার জিজ্ঞাসা”. Thus far we have conducted 42 episodes of live session with eminent oncologists and different experts of concern fields and we reached more than one million people through social media.

Apart from these regular activities, we conduct regular seminar, symposium, rally to mark different national and international cancer related day and month.