Cancer Awareness Foundation of Bangladesh, is a Government registered non- profit, non-government, community based voluntary organization in Bangladesh established in 2016.

Cancer Awareness Foundation of Bangladesh has been working to spread awareness, prompt early detection, and ensure proper treatment and rehabilitation. It is also involved in cancer research to enrich cancer care and steering health policies in Bangladesh.

It has fast growing volunteer network composed of people from different age group and socio-economic which is vital for sustained development and success.

Our Mission

  • To create awareness that cancer is preventable and curable
  • To facilitate early detection of cancer
  • To establish comprehensive cancer care center
  • To provide financial and emotional support to cancer patients
  • To establish and encourage cancer survivor-ship programs
  • To reintegrate cancer survivors back into society
  • To empower patient’s family members
  • To facilitate advocacy and research associated with cancer

Activities of Cancer Awareness Foundation Of Bangladesh

Cancer Awareness:

  • Work to create nationwide awareness regarding cancer, its risk factors, danger signs, preventive measures, etc through workshop, seminar, cme, rally etc.

Cancer Screening:

  • Organize cancer screening camp for the early detection of cancer through cancer camps across the Bangladesh, especially for the underprivileged.

Cancer Treatment:

  • Providing funds for the treatment of poor cancer patients.


  • Providing support and different rehabilitation program during and after treatment to poor cancer patients, survivors and patient’s family.

Cancer Research :

  • A dedicated research team to conduct cancer research.

Our Mentor

Professor Dr. M A Hai

Cancer Awareness Foundation of Bangladesh

Dr. Mohammad Masumul Haque

Cancer Awareness Foundation of Bangladesh

Ahmed Aman, PhD

Principal Research Scientist & Group Leader, Ontario Institute for Cancer Research
Cancer Awareness Foundation Of Bangladesh