Prostate Cancer:

Before testing for prostate cancer, it is highly advised that the individual understands the risks and benefits associated with the tests.

This is because while the tests have many latent benefits they also are likely to have some risks. Soan individual should consult with a health care specialist about the merits and demerits of undergoing such tests and he must make an informed decision of whether to proceed with the tests or not.

A person at the age of 50 or above should highly consider talking to a health care specialist about taking these tests. And only after considering all the factors and making an informed decision should he proceed. In addition a person having a father or brother with prostate cancer before the age of 65 is highly advised to talk to a health care specialist beginning at the age of 45

Screening procedure: PSA blood test (with or without rectal exam.)

  • The individuals PSA levels will determine how frequently he must be tested.