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Cancer Control Advocacy

We do advocacy in regional, national and international level for cancer control and patient’s right. Promoting cancer in global health and development agendas.

Tele Medicine Service

To ensure a close care and follow up we have established an informal tele-medicine service for our cancer patient. Still this service is at very primitive state to serve

Countrywide Voluntary Networking

Cancer Awareness Foundation of Bangladesh has fast growing volunteer network composed of people from different age group and socio-economic which is vital for


Like other chronic diseases, cancer patient, survivor and their family members need care and special attention to different course of their life. Cancer Awareness


Vaccination is one of the key components of cervical and hepatocellular cancer prevention. Cancer Awareness Foundation has the vaccination program in “Cancer

Cancer Screening

Considering cancer screening is one of the major components of cancer control, we have a taken few steps in this field. We conduct regular cancer screening and